Presentations: March 8, 2012

Herbicide Application 


Herbicide Application: screen version (PDF) print version (PDF) — Brie Menjoulet, agronomy specialist


MU Extension publication M169, A Guide to the Common Forages and Weeds of Pastures

MU Extension publication MP581, Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures and Noncropland

Pasture Weed and Brush Control for the Ozarks (PDF)

MU Extension publication IPM1015, Thistles and Thistle-like Plants of Missouri

Musk Thistle Control (PDF)

MU Extension publication IPM1010, Biological and Integrated Control of Musk Thistle in Missouri

Spotted knapweed identification and control

MU Extension publication IPM1023, Missouri Weed Seeds

Missouri Online Weed Identification Guide

MU Extension publication G4970, Plants Poisonous to Livestock

Poisonous plants

MU Extension publication G1916, Pesticide Application Safety

Calibration of Broadcast and Boomless Sprayers

MU Extension publication G7510, Pesticide Dilution Table

MU Extension publications G1272, Spray Mix Calculations

Using Vinegar to Reduce Spray Water pH from 7.5 to 6.5 for Better Chemical Response

  • Add 2 teaspoons white vinegar per gallon of water,
  • Add 3.5 ounces white vinegar per 10 gallons of water, or
  • Add 1 quart white vinegar per 100 gallons of water