Presentations: Dec. 2, 2011

Reducing Energy Costs on the Farm


Doing an Energy Assessment: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Don Day, MU Extension energy associate and Brian Robertson, MU Extension associate

Energy Conservation on Dairy Farms: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Ted Probert, MU Extension dairy specialist

Identifying Energy-Saving Opportunities in Greenhouse Operations: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resource engineering specialist

Saving Energy Around the Farmstead: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF)  — Don Day, MU Extension energy associate


10 Ways to Cut Greenhouse Energy Costs (PDF) — University Of Wisconsin

Fuel Cost Comparison (XLS)

MU Extension publication G5900, Planning Tree Windbreaks in Missouri

MU Extension publication G6910, Landscape Plantings for Energy Savings

Light Bulb Purchasing Guide (PDF) — EnergyStar

CFL Bulb Purchasing Guide (PDF) — EnergyStar

Energy Star Qualified LED Light Bulbs (PDF)

MAESTRO Program or call 800-732-1399

Farmstead Energy Audit (PDF) — North Dakota State University

Farm Energy Assessment Tools — Michigan State University

Energy Self-Assessment Tools — NRCS

Tracking the Energy Use on Your Farm (PDF) — Iowa State University

How Much Energy is Being Used on Your Farm (PDF) — Iowa State University

Electric Savings: Understanding Demand and 3-Phase Motor Use (PDF) — Iowa State University

Missouri Certified Home Energy Auditors (PDF) — Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Home Energy Saver — U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Savers — U.S. Department of Energy

Life Cycle Cost Calculator for Home Air Conditioners (XLS)

Generic Simple Payback and Life Cycle Cost Calculators and Loan Analyzer (XLS)

Energy management resources