Pond construction and management

Planning and construction

Moisture and Compaction Key to Well-Built Pond (PDF)

MU Extension publication G9474, Managing Ponds and Lakes for Aquaculture and Fisheries in Missouri: Pond Construction and Management Considerations

County Soil Survey book (can help identify good pond building sites and soil properties at depth)

Agricultural Handbook No. 590 Ponds — Planning, Design, Construction (PDF) — 96-page document from USDA NRCS

AgSite — Assess the physical, environmental and cultural characteristics of your land, including soil types and drainage areas.

USGS Topographic Quad Maps (free) — National Geographic

List of Soil Evaluators (they can help you determine if the soils at the site are suitable for sealing; click on your county on the map)

County Soil and Water Conservation District (they can assist with soils information and topographic maps that show watershed drainage areas; click on your county on the map)

Sealing and maintenance

MU Extension publication G1548, Maintaining Small Dams

MU Extension publication G1555, Reducing Pond Seepage

Renovating Leaky Ponds (PDF) — Southern Regional Aquaculture Center

Leaky Pond (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Sources for bentonite clay, soda ash and gypsum (PDF)

Sources for synthetic liners to seal ponds and lagoons (PDF) 

Management and weed control

Farm Pond Safety — Penn State University

Five Tips for a Healthy Pond (YouTube video) — Penn State University

MU Extension publication G9478, Managing Ponds and Lakes for Aquaculture and Fisheries in Missouri Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation

MU Extension publication G9401, Managing Missouri Fish Ponds During an Extended Drought

Missouri Pond Handbook (PDF) — A 72-page handbook from Missouri Department of Conservation

Nuisance Aquatic Plants in Missouri Ponds and Lakes — A photo identification guide from the Missouri Department of Conservation

Algae Control (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Algal Blooms, Scums and Mats in Ponds (PDF) — University of Arkansas

Algae Control in Stock Tanks and Ponds (PDF) — University of Missouri Extension

Cattail and Water Primrose Control (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Clearing Ponds That Have Muddy Water (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Duckweed and Watermeal Control (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Control of Duckweed and Watermeal (PDF) — Purdue University

Fish Kills (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Floating Leaf Plant Control (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Pond Area Estimator (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Pond Turnover (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Submerged Plant Control (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Weed Control with Grass Carp (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Controlling Pond Algae with Barley Straw — University of Nebraska

AquaPlant: A Pond Manager Diagnostics Tool — Texas A&M

Aquatic Plant Management (PDF) — Purdue University

Aquatic Weed Management Herbicides — Southern Regional Aquaculture Center

SePRO’s Aquatic Weed Identification Guide — SePRO (commercial site)

Water gardening

Water Gardens — Cornell University

Rain Gardens - Design and Installation — University of New Hampshire

How Do I Build a Rain Garden? (video) — University of New Hampshire

12,000 Rain Gardens — Rain Gardens of Puget Sound, Wa.

The Vermont Rain Garden Manual (PDF) — University of Vermont


Aquaculture publications — University of Missouri Extension

Missouri Aquaculture Association

Stocking Fish in your Pond — Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri Fish Producers (PDF) — Missouri Department of Conservation

Water testing

Water analysis

MU Extension publication G9402, Collection and Submission of Samples for Fish-Kill Investigation and Toxic-Substance Analysis

Algae toxicity testing (PDF) — Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab can test for algae toxicity (select the Blue-Green algae test under the Toxicology section on the back page)