Poisonous plants


MU Extension publication G4970, Plants Poisonous to Livestock — Covers plants commonly found in native and improved pastures

Guide to Toxic Plants in Forages (PDF) — Purdue University; each entry includes a photo, a description that includes symptoms livestock may experience from eating the plant, and some control measures.

Nitrate and Prussic Acid Toxicity in Forages (PDF) — Kansas State University

Prussic Acid (PDF) — University of Arkansas; precautions to take when certain forage plants are under stress

Nitrate Toxicity in Livestock (PDF) — Oklahoma State University

Nitrate Poisoning in Cattle (PDF) — University of Arkansas

MU Extension publication G9811, Qualitative Nitrate Detection for Toxicity Potential — explains how to prepare the solution and run the test in the video below

Nitrate testing procedure (YouTube video) — University of Missouri Extension (we do this test in our office at no charge)

Poisonous Plants Informational Database — Cornell University; view plants by common name or scientific name

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

Common Poisonous Plants and Plant Parts — Texas A&M University; covers house plants, garden plants, ornamentals, trees and shrubs

Toxic Plants of Texas Rangeland — Texas A&M; view plants by common name or scientific name

Poisonous Plants — North Carolina State University Extension

Guide to Poisonous Plants — Colorado State University; searchable database and ordering information for books on poisonous plants

Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System — Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility; site lets you view plants by common name or scientific name and includes links to other poisonous plant websites.

Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA) Pet Care — Site includes a list of plants toxic to pets and a fee-based 24/7 animal poison-related emergency hotline.

Poisonous Plants in Pastures — University of Florida; slide set also includes downloadable PDF and PowerPoint files.