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The University of Missouri Extension Center in Webster County seeks out the best resources on information technology and computers to assist people in becoming more technology-literate and make better use of their computers.

Digital Television (DTV) Transition

  • The Digital TV Transition (Federal Communications Commission)
    Contains details about digital TVs, toolkits, publications, FAQs, and other resources. These materials are in the public domain and can be downloaded and copied as needed.

  • What You Need to Know About DTV
    One-page brochure in English and Spanish that explains the Feb. 17, 2009 transition to digital television

  • DTV Answers
    Covers the reason for the switch from analog to digital TV, who is affected, how to switch, converter box details, choosing an antenna, and how to re-scan to get all the new digital channels

  • Digital TV Facts

  • e-cycle Missouri! (Missouri Department of Natural Resources)
    Good advice on how and where to dispose of your old electronics, like computers, printers, TVs and cell phones

Distance Learning

Computer Tutorials

Viruses, Hoaxes & Urban Legends

Internet Tutorials & Resources

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