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A Horticulture Program
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Who Are Master Gardeners?

  • The Master Gardeners are adult of all ages who love gardening and who are willing to share their horticulture knowledge with their friends and neighbors.

What We Do!

  • Master Gardeners is a non-profit organization assisted by University of Missouri Extension and Lincoln University.  Trained volunteers provide the community with current and approved horticulture practices to enhance their home garden, lawn and landscape.  Individuals and group projects include:

                          * Horticulture Teaching
                          * Service Activities
                          * Master Gardener Hotline

Who Can Be a Master Gardener?

  • You can if you : Have knowledge or experience in gardening or landscape management.

  • Are willing to learn and provide research-based horticultural information to the public.

  • Can attend all training sessions.

Service Requirements

  • Master Gardeners are required to provide at least 30 service hours within their community.

  • There are many opportunities for service depending upon the individual's interest and ability.

  • Individuals completing training and service hours are given special recognition.

  • To remain on active status, members of the local Master Gardeners are required to participate in continuous service activities.

Becoming Involved

  • Master Gardener classes are generally offered each year   If you are interested in the program, contact the University Extension Center in your county. 

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