Sock snow people

by Linda Harrington

Materials needed:

  • 1 woman’s white sock (preferably tube-type, but crew-type can be used)
    For larger snow people use a man’s sock; for smaller use a child’s sock.
  • White string, yarn or crochet thread (for assembly)
  • White rice for stuffing
  • Whole cloves for eyes and mouth
  • Orange clay for carrot nose
  • Material for scarf (14 in. long x 1 in. wide) cut with pinking shears
  • 2-3 small buttons for chest
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle


  1. Place sock in glass or cup pulling top of sock up and over side of glass/cup. Continue to pull sock up and over glass/cup until toe of sock rests on the bottom of the glass/cup.
  2. Begin filling sock with rice. Place ¾ cup of rice in bottom, then tie with string. Place ½ cup of rice in middle, then tie. The sock is easier to work with at this point if removed from glass/cup. Place ¼ cup of rice in top or head of snow person and tie once again.
  3. Cut top of sock off, leaving approximately 1 in. above tie-off. Remaining top of sock will become the cap.
  4. Tie cap approximately ¾-1 in. from top. Cut this portion along the ridges of top to form pom-pom or tassel.
  5. Position cap on head and secure underneath with basting stitch or hot glue.
  6. Tie scarf around neck.
  7. Glue buttons to chest.
  8. Glue whole cloves to head to create eyes and mouth.
  9. Glue carrot nose to face.

Now, enjoy your snow person!