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Emerald ash borers now found in Webster County

This tree insect kills 99% of ash trees within 2-3 years of infestation. Learn more about this pest or view this management guide.

Chain saw safety

See these training resources to keep you and your family safe 

Don’t let your hay bales and hard work go up in smoke

View our guide on making and storing quality hay. The temperature must be below 120°F before the hay goes in storage.

Forage sampling especially important this year

Wet weather has made haymaking difficult. Forage quality declines rapidly as seed stems grow. We loan forage probes to get accurate samples for testing. Learn more about this process.

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Support our local food producers

Learn more about the Marshfield Farmers Market and produce auctions in Webster County 

Get our vegetable planting calendar

Our MU publication G6201, Vegetable Planting Calendar recommends the best dates and varieties of vegetables to plant. Due to high elevation, Webster County uses north Missouri planting dates.

Missouri Farm Labor Guide

This free publication gives Missouri-specific guidance to navigating the complexities of human resource management for agricultural labor.

Farm custom rates updated

Our guide lists prices for nearly 150 farm services.

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