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The University of Missouri Extension Center in Webster County brings you links to forage sellers and buyers throughout the country.

Imported fire ants

Note:  Producers bringing hay in from southern states should be certain the hay is USDA-certified free of fire ants.

CAFNR News: Beware: Fire Ants

Imported Fire Ant Introduction and Biology (PDF) — University of Missouri Extension slide presentation

Imported Fire Ants a Threat to Arrive in Missouri on Hay (PDF)

Fire Ants May Be Hiding in Imported Hay

Out-of-state hay may harbor red imported fire ants

Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Area Map #1 and Map #2

Questions and Answers for Producers, Sellers, and Buyers of Baled Hay Moving From Areas Under Quarantine for Imported Fire Ant (PDF)

Don't Transport Imported Fire Ants (PDF)

Red Imported Fire Ants — An MU Extension Youtube video

Imported Fire Ants — eXtension's one-stop educational site on killing fire ants and eliminating problems they cause

Hay markets

Missouri Ag Market News Reports — Scroll down to Hay/Forages section for current selling prices for hay in Missouri

AgEBB — Hay Market — Visit the University of Missouri and Missouri Department of Agriculture's one-stop shop for buying and selling hay, or call 573-751-5633.

State hay markets, listed alphabetically:

Forage Testing

Forage Testing and Hay Stacking: screen version (PDF) | print version (PDF) — Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resource engineering specialist

Understanding your forage test (PDF)

MU Extension publication G4575, Making and Storing Quality Hay

American Forage and Grassland Council

National Forage Testing Association

National Hay Association