Disaster recovery

Local resources

Report your storm damage — This information will be recorded with Webster County Emergency Management

Mold control resources — University of Missouri Extension

Flood recovery resources — University of Missouri Extension  

How-to-Install Self-Help Tarp (PDF) — This U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' guide explains the correct way to avoid further damage to buildings by making temporary roof repairs.

National Flood Insurance Program — All Webster County residents are eligible to buy flood coverage in this program

Southwest Missouri Disaster Response and Recovery Contacts

Statewide resources

MU Extension Emergency Management
MU Extension publication EMW1001, Disaster Recovery Resources for Missouri Families

Dealing with home damage from rain or flooding
MU Extension publication MP904, Resources for Your Flooded Home, provides details on safety, clean up, disposal, mildew prevention and consumer protection.

Rebuild with life preservation in mind
MU Extension publication EMW1025, Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms provides information on building a safe room in your home and lists storm shelter and safe room manufacturers serving Missouri.

FEMA claims
If there has been a federal disaster declaration for your area, you may qualify for FEMA assistance.
Apply for Assistance — FEMA offers information on how to apply for assistance, as well as information you might need to know before and after applying.
DisasterAssistance.gov — Apply for assistance online or find resources for recent disasters and recovery and rebuilding.
What a FEMA Determination Letter Means — Don't throw the letter away if you are denied assistance.