Venison University has been postponed for 2012; however, plans are being made to offer the workshop in August or September 2013.

Make the most of your time and effort this deer season. As the fall season approaches, a one-day workshop in Columbia will provide new and experienced hunters with valuable information from the ecology of white-tailed deer to hunting regulations to preparing venison for the dinner table.

Missouri Venison University will be held at the University of Missouri, and it is sponsored by MU Extension, the MU Division of Animal Sciences, the MU School of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

The workshop will include demonstrations, hands-on participation and presentations from experts. Participants will expand their knowledge of deer beyond basic hunting and field dressing procedures and will be better equipped for producing wholesome, high-quality venison products.


  • Signs and symptoms of diseases common in Missouri deer populations
  • Ecology and management of white-tailed deer in Missouri, including an overview of Quality Deer Management
  • Information about the Share the Harvest, a joint program of the Conservation Federation of Missouri and MDC through which hunters can donate surplus venison to families in need
  • Food safety and preservation methods, including canning and making sausage and jerky
  • The history of deer management and hunting in Missouri and updates on hunting regulations and management programs

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For more information about the workshop, contact Bob Pierce at 573-882-4337 or; or Carol Lorenzen at 573-882-2452 or

Additional MU Extension publications are also available on White-tailed deer management.

The Missouri Department of Conservation posts updated deer regulations at