2019 UMEA Professional Development Award Guidelines


UMEA Professional Development awards assist association members in continuing their professional development in support of the University of Missouri Extension mission.



Individual applicants must (be):

  1. Currently employed with University of Missouri Extension or Lincoln University Extension.
  2. Have two years of consecutive employment with the University of Missouri Extension or Lincoln University. (Applicants can only receive one award per year with a 5 year, $1,000 limit on funds.)
  3. Currently a member of U.M.E.A. Additionally, the applicant must have been a UMEA member during the two years immediately preceding application.
  4. After receiving two awards or up to $1,000, the applicant must be a member for 5 consecutive years to apply for additional funding awards.

Note: JCEP and PILD are not eligible for awards (adopted 1/2012 by the Professional Improvement and Staff Benefits Committee).

Professional Development Committee members are eligible to apply, but will be excluded from scoring and awarding scholarships. The alternate from their region will take their place in the selection committee.


Proposals should be complete and clear, and must exhibit:

  1. Benefit to the individual, organization and clientele.
  2. Individual initiative and creativity.
  3. Relationship to the applicant’s professional development.
  4. Method for evaluating experience.

Priority will be given to first-time applicants. There will be a 5 year, $1,000 limit on funds. Only one award per year will be given.


Up to $1,000 per award will be granted. Funds should offset expenses not covered through other sources. Applicants must submit a budget identifying anticipated future expenditures and other sources of financial support, including personal contributions. Awards will not exceed actual expenses. The number of awards granted will depend on the availability of funds in the UMEA Professional Development Fund. As reflected in the University of Missouri endowment guidelines, the total annual award distributions should not exceed 5% of the organization’s endowment. The amount of the awards given during the year will be determined by the UMEA Board during its budget development process.

Application and Selection Process

After completing the application, individuals must email the application to the address on the application and to their regional director. The applications will be reviewed by the Professional Improvements and Staff Benefits Committee. The committee will make recommendations for action on award applications. Applications will be reviewed twice a year. To be considered the award applications must be received by April 1 and August 1 prior to attendance of the professional development experience. Individuals selected to receive grant awards will be notified by May 1; and September 1.

Award recipients will be required to write a short, one page summary of their professional development experience detailing how the experience will be shared, the expected impact on your programming, for the University of Missouri and for your clientele. Submit the summary with your Professional Development Reimbursement Form within one month of the end of the activity. The summary and reimbursement form should be emailed to the UMEA Treasurer and the Chair of the Professional Improvement and Staff Benefits Committee. The summary may be used in the UMEA newsletter, website, or other media outlets to promote the organization.

2019 UMEA Professional Development Scholarship Application.pdf

UMEA Professional Development Expense Voucher.doc

UMEA Professional Development Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions.pdf



Updated: January, 2019