Leadership and committees

2013 - 2014 Officers

  • Kathy Macomber, President
  • Lynda Zimmerman, President-elect
  • Melissa Bess, Vice President
  • Sarah Traub, Secretary
  • Rebecca Travnichek, Treasurer

Board of directors

The UMEA Board of Directors is made up of the officers, two representatives from each region, the chairs of the standing committees, and the presidents of the professional associations. Alternates serve on the board only when one of the representatives is unable to attend the meeting.

Professional association representatives

  • Jim Crawford, MAEP
  • Candace Fisher-McClean, MEAFCS
  • Jim Ronald, MAE4-HYW
  •  (Through April 2014. Jenny Flatt will complete the term)
  • Richard Proffer, MACEDEP
  • Mark Stewart, ESP

Regional representatives

  • East central
    Matt Herring (2014)
    Dean Larkin (2015)
    Stephanie Schindler (alternate)
  • Northeast
    Chris Shoemaker (2014)
    Zac Erwin (2015)
    Virgil Woolridge (alternate)
  • Northwest
    Meridith Berry (2014)
    Shaun Murphy (2015)
    Nancy Coleman (alternate)
  • Southeast
    Sarah Denkler (2014)
    Linda Morgan (2015)
    Kevin Anderson (alternate)
  • Southwest
    Patrick Byers (2014)
    Amy Patillo (2015)
    Chrystal Irons (alternate)
  • Urban
    Kandace Fisher-McClean (2014)
    Crystal Weber (2015)
  • West central
    Kay Sparks (2014)
    Todd Lorenz (alt)
  • Campus
    Marcia Shannon (2014)
    Lucy Schrader (2015)

Nomination committee

The nomination committee shall be chaired by the immediate past president and composed of one board member from each extension region and campus.

Vivian Mason, Chair (Past President)

Regional representatives and alternates

  • Jenny Flatt, EC;  Sara Hultine-Massengale, EC alternate
  • Chris Shoemaker, NE
  • Shaun Murphy, NW; Tom Fowler, NW alternate
  • Sarah Denkler, SE; Maude Harris, SE alternate
  • Patrick Byers, SW; Chrystal Irons, SW alternate
  • Kandace Fisher-McClean, Urban; Crystal Weber, Urban alternate
  • Kay Sparks, WC


Awards committee

The Awards Committee shall be composed of one elected representative from each extension region and one representative from campus.

  •  EC
  • Jennifer Schutter,-chair NE; James Quinn, NE alternate
  • Rebecca Simpson, NW; Janet Hackert, NW alternate
  • Linda Morgan, SE; Sarah Denkler, SE alternate
  • Renette Wardlow, SW; Jill Scheidt, SW alternate
  • Kara Lubischer, Urban Crystal Weber, Urban
  • Susan Mills-Gray, WC
  • Campus — vacant

Professional improvement and staff benefits committee

The Professional Improvement and Staff Benefits Committee shall be composed of two elected representatives from each extension region and two representatives from campus.

  • Rebecca Blocker, EC,  chair (term ends 2014)
  • Dean Larkin, EC (term ends 2014)
  • Zac Erwin, NE (2015)
  • Jim Humphrey, NW (2014)
  • Beverly Maltsberger, NW (2015)
  • Donna Aufdenberg, SE (2014)
  • Mary Gosche, SE (2015)
  • Richard Proffer, SE (alternate)
  • Ted Probert, SW (2014)
  • Jeremy Elliott-Engel, SW (2015)
  • Nellie Lamers, SW (alternate)
  • Diana Milne, Urban (2014)
  • Teresa Maraschel, Urban (2015)
  • Angela Lanigan, Urban (alternate)
  • Michelle Kroll, WC (2013)
  • Susan Mills-Gray, WC (2014)
  • Lisa Wallace, WC (alternate)
  • Campus: Vacant

Finance committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed each year of the following members: president-elect, secretary, treasurer, two appointed board members, and the retiring treasurer will be ex-officio.

  • President-elect: Melissa Bess
  • Secretary: Sarah Traub
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Travnichek
  • Retiring Treasurer (ex officio) Cynthia Zluticky
  • Bob McNary
  • Kathy Dothage