Leadership and committees

2015 - 2016 Officers

  • Sarah Denkler, President
  • Amy Patillo, President-elect
  • Clint Dougherty, Vice President
  • Emily Crowe, Secretary
  • Rebecca Travnichek, Treasurer
  • Lynda Zimmerman, Past-president

Board of directors

The UMEA Board of Directors is made up of the officers, two representatives from each region, the chairs of the standing committees, and the presidents of the professional associations. Alternates serve on the board only when one of the representatives is unable to attend the meeting.

Professional association representatives

  • Brent Carpenter, MAEP
  • Sarah Traub, MEAFCS
  • Nancy Coleman, MAE4-HYW
  • Crystal Weber, MACEDEP
  • Meridith Berry , ESP

Regional representatives

  • Campus
    Andrew Zumwalt (2016)
    Susan Mills-Gray  (2017)

    Karen Sherbondy (alternate)
  • East central
    James Quinn (2016)
    Pat Snodgrass (2017)
    Chantae Alfred (alternate)
  • Northeast
    Virgil Woolridge (2016)
    Jim Meyer (2017)
    Mary Sobba (alternate)
  • Northwest
    Becky Simpson (2016)
    Jerry Baker (2017)
    Meridith Berry (alternate)
  • Southeast
    Mary Gosche (2016)
    Bethany Bachmann (2017)
    George Ohmes(alternate)
  • Southwest
    Crystal Irons (2016)
    Jill Scheidt (2017)
    open (alternate)
  • Urban
    Dana Joerling (2016)
    Shatomi Luster (2017)
     open (alternate)
  • West central
    Meg Webb (2016)
    Pat Miller (alternate)

Nomination committee

The nomination committee shall be chaired by the immediate past president and composed of one board member from each extension region and campus.

Lynda Zimmerman , Chair (Past President)

Regional representatives and alternates

  • Campus; Andrew Zumwalt 
  • EC: James Quinn  
  • NE; Virgil Woolridge
  • NW; Becky Simpson
  • SE; Mary Gosche  
  • SW; Crystal Irons 
  • Urban; Dana Joerling 
  • WC; Meg Webb

Awards committee

The Awards Committee shall be composed of one elected representative from each extension region and one representative from campus.

  • Campus; Marcia Shannon (2016); Steve Henness (alternate)
  • EC ; James Quinn (2016), open (alternate) 
  • NE; Darla Campbell (2016) , (alternate)
  • NW; Randa Doty, NW (2016)  Nancy Coleman (alternate)
  • SELinda Morgan (2016),  Donna Aufdenberg, SE (alternate)
  • SW; Patrick Byers (2016),  Janet LaFon, SW (alternate)
  • Urban; Kara Lubischer (2016), Lydia Kaume, (alternate)
  • WC; Taryn Dameron (2016),  Jackie Rassmussen (alternate)


Professional Improvement and Staff Benefits committee

The Professional Improvement and Staff Benefits Committee shall be composed of two elected representatives from each extension region and two representatives from campus.

  • Campus;  Lynna Lawson (2016), Karen Sherbondy (2017), open (alternate)
  • EC; Stephanie Schindler (2016), Vivian Anderson (2017), Rebecca Blocker (alternate)
  • NE;  Letitia Johnson (2016), Holly Jay (2017), open (alternate)
  • NW;  Clint Dougherty (2016), Jessica Trussell (2017), Cindy Wells (alternate)
  • SE;  Richard Proffer (2016) Lesley Meier (2017), (alternate)
  • SW; Pam Duitsman (2016), Bob Schultheis (2017), Nellie Lamers (alternate)
  • Urban; Darla Diltz (2016), Teresa Mareschal (2017), open (alternate)
  • WC; Michele Kroll (2015), Taryn Dameron (2016), Jackie Rasmussen (alternate)

Finance committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed each year of the following members: president-elect, secretary, treasurer, two appointed board members, and the retiring treasurer will be ex-officio.

  • Clint Dougherty                            Vice President    NW        Business

    Emily Crowe                                 Secretary           EC         Nutrition

    Rebecca Travnichek                      Treasurer            WC        Family Financial

    Becky Simpson                             Appointed          NW        Youth

    Crystal Irons                                  Appointed          SW        Business