Current membership 2017

* this member has retired or left extension

Last Name First Job Title Region President
Alexander* Marsha   UR  
Alfred Chantae Family Financial Specialist EC  
Anderson Elaine 4-H/Youth Development Specialist EC  
Anderson* Vivian   EC  
Arroyo Pablo Business Development Specialist EC  
Aufdenberg Donna Horticulture Specialist SE  
Ayers Van Community Development Specialist SE  
Bachmann Bethany Nutrition Specialist SE  
Baker Jerry Community Development Specialist NW  
Baker Tim Horticulture Specialist NW  
Balek Robert Horticulture Specialist SW  
Bales Ashley Family Financial Specialist SE  
Balsam* Nina   UR  
Barbee Emily (Crowe) Nutrition and Health Education Specialist UR  
Barrett Patricia Ag Business Specialist EC  
Bartels Amy Nutrition and Health Education Specialist WC  
Benedict* Heather   NW  
Behrens Phyllis Business Development Specialist SW  
Berry Meridith Family Financial Specialist NW  
Bess* Melissa   WC  
Blocker Rebecca Housing / Environmental Design Specialist EC  
Bondy* Kathy   NW  
Bouchard* Chris   Campus  
Brillhart Matt County Program Director UR  
Brown* Courtney   UR  
Broz Bob Agriculture Engineer Campus  
Brumbaugh* Wendy   NE  
Burton David Civic Communications Specialist SW  
Bush Rowe* Shelley Regional Director NE  
Byers Patrick Horticulture Specialist SW  
Cahill* Nathanial   WC  
Campbell Darla Ag Business Specialist NE  
Cameron Velynda 4-H/Youth Development Specialist WC  
Carr* Lucinda   UR  
Carriker* Gordon   SW  
Cash Daniel Community Development Specialist UR  
Chen* Nina   UR  
Cole Eldon Livestock Specialist SW  
Coleman* Nancy   NW  
Conrow Heather (Smith) Livestock Specialist NE  
Crawford Cynthia Professor Human Environmental Science NW  
Crawford Penny Regional Coordinator FNP NW  
Dameron* Taryn   WC  
Davis M. Patrick Livestock Specialist WC  
Day Jean Nutrition Program Associate EC  
Deaver Karla 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SW  
Deering Annette 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NW  
DeLong* Tony   Campus  
Denkler Sarah Horticulture Specialist SE 2016
Devlin Karisha Ag Business Specialist NE 2008
Dhakal Dhruba Agronomy Specialist NE  
Diltz* Darlisa   UR  
Dothage Kathy HES State Specialist Family Strengths EC  
Doty Randa Ag Business Specialist NW  
Dougherty* Clinton   NW  
Duitsman Pam Nutrition & Health Specialist SW  
Elliott-Engel* Jeremy   SW  
Emery Janice 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SW  
Erwin Zachary Livestock Specialist NE  
Femrite Stephanie 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NE  
Evans Laura 4-H Youth Specialist UR  
Fisher Patty 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NE  
Fisher-McLean Kandace Housing / Environmental Design Specialist UR  
Flatt Jenny Director Family Impact Center Campus  
Fowler Tom Horticulture Specialist NW  
Fuhrman* Tom   NE  
Funkenbusch Karen Human Environmental Science Specialist Campus  
Galland Cathy 4-H Youth Specialist EC  
Glover Max Agronomy Specialist NE  
Gosche* Mary   SE  
Graham Kendra Livestock Specialist EC  
Gulick John Community Development Specialist NE  
Gulick Sharon Director Community Economic / Entrepreneurial Development Campus  
Gundel Jamie Agronomy Specialist SE  
Hackert Janet Nutrition & Health Specialist NW  
Hall Kim 4-H/Youth Development Specialist WC  
Halleran W. Terry Agronomy Specialist WC  
Hambelton* Stacy   SW  
Hancock Jennifer Extension Educator SW  
Hansen Kevin Quickbooks Coordinator NW  
Harris Maude Nutrition & Health Specialist SE  
Henness Steve 4-H/Youth Development State Specialist Campus  
Herring Matt Agronomy Specialist EC  
Hileman Dave 4-H/Youth Development Specialist EC  
Hoffman David Livestock Specialist WC  
Hudson Paula Extension Technology and Computer Services Campus  
Humphrey Jim Livestock Specialist NW  
Irons* Chrystal   SW  
Jay Holly Nutrition & Health Specialist WC  
Jeanetta Stephen Professor Community Development Program Campus  
Jenner* Mark   WC  
Jeter* Kelsey   UR  
Joerling Dana 4-H Youth Specialist UR  
Johnson Tish Community Development Specialist EC  
Kammler Kate Horticulture Specialist EC  
Karanja Damaris Nutrition & Health Specialist UR  
Kaume Lydia Nutrition Specialist UR  
Kelly Debi Community Development / Horticulture Specialist UR  
Kempke Chris Community Development Specialist NE  
Klem Michelle 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NE  
Kline Janet Regional Director SE  
Koenen Joe Ag Business Specialist NE 2010
Kroll Michele Community Development Specialist WC  
Kumar* Lala Horticulture Specialist UR  
LaFon* Janet   SW  
Lamers Nellie Family Financial Specialist SW  
Larkin Dean Community Development Specialist EC  
Lawson Lynna 4-H/Youth Development State Specialist Campus  
Lorenz Todd Agronomy/Horticulture Specialist WC  
Lower Sam 4-H/Youth Development Specialist WC  
Lubischer Kara State Specialist UR  
Luster Shatomi Family Financial Specialist UR  
Macomber Kathy Community Development Specialist SW 2014
Maltsberger Bev Community Development Specialist NW  
Mareschal* Teresa   UR  
Marlo Daugherty Tracy Community Development Specialist NE  
Massengale Sarah Hultine Community Development Specialist EC  
Massey* Vera   NE  
McKenzie Kate Akers Programming Analyst Communications and Marketing Campus  
McNary Bob 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SW  
Meek Amanda 4-H/Youth Development Specialist UR  
Mefford* Connie Community Development Specialist WC  
Meier Lesley 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SE  
Metzgar* Karma   Admin  
Meyer Jim Nutrition Specialist NE  
Miller Pat Agronomy Specialist WC  
Miller Wyatt Agronomy Specialist NE  
Miller-Hoover Millie Business Development Specialist UR  
Mills-Gray Susan Human Environmental Science State Specialist Campus 2011
Milne* Diana   UR  
Milner Stephanie 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SE  
Moore Tracie 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NE  
Morgan Linda Regional Coordinator FNP SE  
Murphy Shaun 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NW  
Mushrush Willis Business Development Specialist SW  
Myers Margo Nutrition & Health Specialist NE  
Neal* Connie   NW  
Nickler* John   UR  
Nieder Brittany 4-H/Youth Development Specialist WC  
Ohmes Anthony Agronomy Specialist SE  
Patillo Amy Community Development Specialist SW 2017
Perry* Amanda   UR  
Prewitt Wayne Regional Director WC  
Probert Ted Livestock Specialist SW  
Proffer Richard Business Development Specialist SE  
Quinn James Horticulture Specialist EC  
Rasa Edwards Beth 4-H/Youth Development Specialist UR  
Rasmussen Jackie Business Development Specialist WC  
Reber* Bud   Admin  
Reed Adams Johanna Community Leadership Development State Specialist Campus  
Roberts Tammy Nutrition Specialist WC  
Samborski Jeff Business Development Specialist UR  
Samson Megan Nutrition Specialist NE  
Savage Trish Family Financial Specialist NW  
Scheer Melissa 4-H/Youth Development Specialist UR  
Scheidt Jill Agronomy Specialist SW  
Schindler Stephanie 4-H/Youth Development Specialist EC  
Schleicher Amie Livestock Specialist NW 2012
Schnakenberg Tim Agronomy Specialist SW  
Schultheis Bob Natural Resource Engineering Specialist SW  
Schutter Jennifer Horticulture Specialist NE  
Shafer* Gentrie   NE  
Shannon Kent Natural Resource Engineering Specialist NE  
Shannon Marcia Professor Animal Science Campus  
Shannon Wayne Livestock Specialist EC  
Sherbondy Karen Human Environmental Science Campus  
Simon Leuci Mary Professor Community Development Admin  
Simpson Becky 4-H/Youth Development Specialist NW  
Smith Susan Extension Educator UR  
Snodgrass Pat Housing / Environmental Specialist EC  
Sobba Mary Ag Business Specialist NE  
Sparks* Kay   WC  
Stallmann Judith Professor Ag Economics, Rural Sociology & Public Affairs Campus  
Stevenson Lindsey Nutrition & Health Specialist SW  
Stewart Mark Director Of Off-Campus Operations EC  
Stewart Marshall Vice Chancellor for Extension & Engagement Admin  
Stillwell* Mark   Admin  
Stuart-Simmons Georgia Administration Campus  
Summers* Max   Admin  
Tate Krista 4-H/Youth Development Specialist SW  
Tate Valerie Agronomy Specialist NE  
Terrell Jeremiah Human Development/Family Science Specialist NE  
Thomas Dedra Family Financial Specialist WC  
Traub Sarah Human Development/Family Science Specialist WC  
Travnichek Rebecca Family Financial Specialist WC  
Trussell Jessica Human Development/Family Science Specialist NW  
Wallace* Lisa   WC  
Wallach Jenny Youth Program Assistant EC  
Wardlow Renette Human Development/Family Science Specialist SW  
Weber* Crystal   UR  
Whiston* Debby   NE  
White Shannon State 4-H Specialist Campus  
Wiegel* Whitney   NW  
Woodrow Sarah Nutrition Program Associate NE  
Woolridge* Virgil   NE  
Zimmerman Lynda Nutrition Specialist EC 2015
Zluticky Cynthia Regional Director UR  
Zumwalt Andrew Financial Planning Specialist Campus  


New Employees / Members

One year complimentary membership is extended to faculty and staff.
Asbury Kelly State Fair CC Director SBTDC
Barnes Wendy Campus Administrative Assistant
Black David WC Family Financial Education Specialist
Been Caroline EC Youth Program Associate
Brinkhous-Hatch Brenda UR Nutrition Program Associate
Bromfield Corinne Campus Assistant Extension Professor of Swine Production Medicine
Carrell Jenna SE Youth Program Associate
Chapman Michelle WC FNEP Coordinator
Cortez Alejandra UR Nutrition Program Associate
Cunningham Stephanie UR Family Financial Education Specialist
Daves-Huey Robin Campus SkillsUp Specialist
Eckhoff Robyn WC Youth Program Associate
Elder Rachel SE Youth Program Associate
Fuller John SE HES Specialist
Geist Sarah NE Nutrition Program Associate
Goring Ashley WC Nutrition Program Associate
Guess Dalton UR Nutrition Program Associate
Gutshall Dallas UR Nutrition Program Associate
Hall Tyler NW Nutrition & Health Specialist
Hambach JoLynn EC Educational Program Associate
Hash Barbara WC Youth Program Associate
Heryford Linda WC Youth Program Associate
Hitch Misty SE Youth Program Associate
Hodder Vicki Campus Assistant Editor
Hopkins Rachel UR Agricultural Business Specialist
Howerton Linda SW Youth Program Associate
Jackson J. Eric NW 4-H Youth Specialist
Jackson Tracey UR Business Support Associate
Karhoff Crystal NE Youth Program Associate
Kleiner Anna EC Community Development Specialist
Lee Marjorie NE Nutrition Program Associate
Luke Andrew NW Agronomy Specialist
Lutes Jennifer SW Agricultural Business Specialist
Lutz Bailey UR Extension STEM Educator
Miller Monica UR Nutrition Program Associate
Monk Kale (James) Campus HES Assistant Professor
Morefield Sarah UR 4-H Youth Specialist
Neuner Catherine NW Agricultural Business Specialist
Pemberton Katie Buchs NW Human Development & Family Science Specialist
Rackley Janet SW Youth Program Associate
Russell Rob Campus Director Labor Education
Sappington James Campus 4-H Enrollment & Shooting Sports Coordinator
Sebade Mary WC Nutrition Health Specialist
Sherman Levi Campus Sr Media Producer
Shettlesworth Kimberly Campus Extension Human Resources
Sicht Caroline Campus Communications Coordinator
Smith Terri NE Youth Program Associate
Snell Anita NE Livestock Specialist
Steiner Steven NW Youth Program Associate
Teng Teeh Lim Campus Agriculture Engineering Professor
Treece Terra NW Nutrition Program Associate
Tucker Marissa SW Youth Program Associate
Vanderford Virginia UR Nutrition Program Associate
Voss Rolofson Devan NW Youth Program Associate
Wells Kayla WC Youth Program Associate
Wilson Eddie NE 4-H Youth
Williams Shamon NE Youth Program Associate
Wofford Stephanie EC Nutrition Program Associate
Wood Sarah NW Nutrition & Health Specialist