Tree pests

Slow the spread of TCD

You can help minimize the chances of spreading TCD by:

  • Don't move firewood
    Just like EAB, TCD can travel in firewood. The easiest way to keep it from spreading is to avoid buying “exotic” firewood and/or moving it from place to place. What is exotic firewood? Any stick of wood that comes from more than 50 miles from the place it was cut. If you burn firewood in your home stove or use it for camping, cut and burn your own or make sure the wood you buy comes from a local forest.
  • Don’t transport walnut for woodworking (including buying walnut wood over the Internet)
    Walnut twig beetles, and the deadly fungus they carry, live just under the bark. They can emerge by the thousands from any living, dying or dead piece of wood that has intact bark. In the case of the TCD find in Bucks county, the introduction of the disease was directly attributable to a woodworker who bought walnut lumber from the West over the Internet.
  • Promptly report dead or dying walnut trees
    Report dying/dead walnut trees to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Forest Health Group. See, Before reporting a possible TCD find’.