Tackling the Tough Skills

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Two editions are available!

1. For use with Adults or Teens:

Tackling the Tough Skills cover

CB13, Tackling the Tough SkillsTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life (Revised Edition) [2008]

This edition contains content appropriate for adults or teens. Instructors may choose content and activities for use with either age group. (If you can purchase only one version and want to use it with both adults and teens, we suggest you choose this version.) Both the curriculum and the Addenda CD are included.

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2. For use with Teens only:

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CB22, Tackling the Tough Skills for TeensTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life [2011]

This edition includes the same basic content and activities as the Revised Edition, but it is targeted solely for use with teens.

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Cost (includes book and Addenda CD for either CB13 or CB22 version)

  • Missouri residents:
    $86.08 total
    ($70 per book + $10 shipping/handling + $6.08 state sales tax)
  • Non-Missouri residents:
    $80 total
    ($70 per book + $10 shipping/handling)
  • Quantity discount available
  • Price includes Addenda CD containing 93 pages of handouts and activities from the book. This CD is included to make it convenient to copy these Addenda pages for participants.

Want to order just the Addenda CD for the 2008 Revised Edition?
Now you can!

If you purchased the 2008 Revised Edition a few years ago--
You probably don't have an Addenda CD! That's because the 2008 Revised Edition was initially sold with no Addenda CD included. If you own one of these books, you may now purchase the Addenda CD separately.

CD 17 Revised Edition Addenda CD image

CD17 Revised Edition Addenda CD 

This CD includes 93 pages of handouts and activities in the Addenda of the 2008 Revised Edition. We created this CD in response to customer requests. Educators wanted a digital version of the Addenda to make it easier to copy for distribution to class participants.

Note: We give educators permission to copy ONLY the 93 Addenda pages using either the Addenda CD or the printed curriculum version. 
The rest of the curriculum  is copyrighted material and may not be copied.

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Cost (Addenda CD17 only, 2008 Revised Edition)

  • Missouri residents:
    $15.06 total
    ($9.50 per CD + $4.50 shipping/handling + $1.06 state sales tax)
  • Non-Missouri residents:
    $14 total
    ($9.50 per CD + $4.50 shipping/handling)
  • Quantity discount available

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CB13 Revised Edition (book + Addenda CD)

CB22 Teen Edition (book + Addenda CD)

CD17 Revised Edition (Addenda CD only) 


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CB13, Tackling the Tough SkillsTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life (Revised Edition)
ISBN-10:  0-933842-31-7
ISBN-13:  978-0-933842-31-1 

CB22, Tackling the Tough Skills for TeensTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life 
ISBN-13:  978-0-933842-32-8

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