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Two editions available!

1. For use with Adults or Teens:

Tackling the Tough Skills cover

CB13, Tackling the Tough SkillsTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life (Revised Edition) [2008]

Order CB13 Revised Edition online

  • Appropriate for adults or teens
  • Contains mix of adult and teen scenarios
  • Instructors may choose content and activities for use with either age group
  • Updated edition of original 2000 version
  • Both curriculum and Addenda CD included
  • Note: If you can only purchase one version and want to be able to use it with both adults and teens, we suggest this one.

2. For use with Teens only:

Tackling the Tough Skills for Teens cover

CB22, Tackling the Tough Skills for TeensTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life [2011]

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  • For use with teens only
  • Same basic content and activities as Revised edition
  • Scenarios and content pertain to teen situations only
  • Both curriculum and Addenda CD included



Cost (includes book and Addenda CD for CB13 or CB22 version)

  • Missouri residents:
    $98.26 total
    ($80 per book + $11 shipping/handling + $7.26 state sales tax)
  • Non-Missouri residents:
    $91 total
    ($80 per book + $11 shipping/handling)
  • Quantity discount available (10 or more copies)
    • 10 percent on 10 to 99 copies
    • 15 percent on 100 to 999 copies
    • 20 percent on 1,000 or more copies
  • Price includes Addenda CD containing 93 pages of handouts and activities from the book. CD makes it convenient to copy Addenda pages for participants.

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CB13 Revised Edition (book + Addenda CD)

CB22 Teen Edition (book + Addenda CD)


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CB13, Tackling the Tough SkillsTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life (Revised Edition)
ISBN-10:  0-933842-31-7
ISBN-13:  978-0-933842-31-1 

CB22, Tackling the Tough Skills for TeensTM: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life 
ISBN-13:  978-0-933842-32-8

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