Helping hard-to-reach adults and teens succeed!

Tackling the Tough Skills

A Curriculum Building Skills for Work and Life

  • Fun, innovative and highly interactive life skills curriculum that helps hard-to-reach adults and teens prepare for success in work and life
  • Also used to teach soft skills to employees in the workplace

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Roxanne Miller


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Two editions

Two versions of this curriculum are available for purchase. Both contain a CD containing addenda chapters of the book to make copying handouts easier.

Tackling the Tough Skills coverCB13, Revised Edition (2008)

  • Appropriate for adults or teens
  • Contains mix of adult and teen scenarios
  • Instructors may choose content and activities for use with either age group
  • Updated edition of original 2000 version
  • Both curriculum and Addenda CD included
  • Note: If you can only purchase one version and want to be able to use it with both adults and teens, we suggest this one.

Tackling the Tough Skills for Teens cover

CB22, Teen Edition (2011)

  • For use with teens only
  • Same basic content and activities as Revised edition
  • Scenarios and content pertain to teen situations only
  • Both curriculum and Addenda CD included



About the curriculum

Soft skills aren't "fluff." They are life skills many take for granted, yet are critical when a person doesn't have them. Like: Attitude. Responsibility. Communication. Problem solving. Preparing for the workplace.

Tackling the Tough Skills was originally designed to help adults transition from welfare to work in the St. Louis area. Yet it has appealed to educators and program leaders working with adults and teens across the United States and internationally. To date, the curriculum has been purchased by organizations and individuals from all 50 states and more than 25 countries and territories.

Is Tackling the Tough Skills™ evidence-based?

Yes! Learn more

Train-the-trainer workshops

  • Rosilee Trotta, LCSW, author and educator, conducts on-site train-the-trainer workshops. She will design training sessions to meet unique training needs of your organization.
  • Requirements: Arrange for at least 10 individuals to be trained. Buy a curriculum for each participant to use in the training.
  • Arrange for participants to use either the Revised or Teen edition in the same training session. Or schedule separate training sessions using each book separately.


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Roxanne Miller, 636-346-4137,

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