Tom Benton's Missouri, video files
These downloads are for schools, youth and civic groups to use for educational purposes. The film, soundtrack and the teaching guide are copyright © 2012 The Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved.

Soundtrack audio files
These songs were recorded for the film in 1991, performed by Bob Dyer, Dave Para, Cathy Barton and Forrest Rose. The first six tracks have been remastered from the original tapes. Tapes for the remaining tracks are missing, so they are lower quality, and the last track is pulled from Bob Dyer's album, "Songteller" and used with permission of Big Canoe Records. See the Soundtrack page for musician bios.

Tom Benton's Missouri Educator's Guide
This educator's guide includes numerous classroom resources, activities and lessons to accompany the film. Find ideas for activities in communication arts, music, fine art, history and social science classes. The guide is available in screen-friendly and printer-friendly versions. Both versions of the guide include full-color photos of Benton's artwork and illustrations to accompany lessons, but the printer-friendly version does not have a colored background.