Testimonials from past participants

“You really pushed some of my buttons in this class and I appreciate that. My blood pressure is now in the normal range — no meds, yay!”

“I’m calmer and feel I can handle my daily life in a better way. It has motivated me to take care of myself and to take more time to get healthy.”

“I take time for myself to relax. The class has helped me be conscious of foods I eat and exercise more.”

“When I begin feeling anxious or down I am having success with conditioning myself to re-evaluate the true importance of the stressor and put it into perspective quickly and moving on.”

Facilitators also benefit from the program

Our facilitators report lowered stress levels, greater job satisfaction and improved quality of life as a result of teaching this program.

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to deliver this program. By teaching it, I practiced the skills as well. When I walk in the morning, no longer do I keep ruminating over and over about my issues, but really listen to the birds, really see the clouds and the sun coming up! My walks definitely help reduce my stress now that I focus on the moment.”