2014 Show-Me-Select Heifer Sale

The Show-Me-Select Heifer Sale catalog is now available for you to look at!  The sale will be held on Saturday, December 20th, at the Green City Livestock Market and feature 140 crossbred and purebred heifers.  All heifers have met the requirements of the SMS Heifer Program.

2015 Red Calving Books

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your calving records in a pocket sized package then the 2015 University of Missouri Red Calving Books are for you. They are available for purchase at the University of Missouri Extension Center for $5 each while they last. They’re a great way to keep birth dates, sex, weight and any other information you’d like to keep on your herd. It also keeps records of dates you move your herd, breeding information, cow herd health records and other useful information. Stop by our office (3rd floor of the courthouse in Milan, call 660.265.4541 or email if you're interested.

Ag breeding boxes

AI Breeding Barns flyer (PDF)

Ag Newsletter

This newsletter is produced by extension ag specialists serving northeast Missouri.  The files are in a .pdf format for easier opening and viewing.

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