Starting a healthy corner store or grocery program can be overwhelming. University of Missouri Extension has developed free webinars to guide you through the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy resources and get you moving toward your goal of increasing access to healthy, affordable foods in your community.


What Is Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy?

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This introduction to Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy covers the basics of identifying your community's healthy food access issue and explains the role small food retailers can play in increasing residents' access to healthy foods. In addition to learning about the aspects of a community that may be barriers to access, you will learn about resources available through the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program.

Getting Started With Your Community

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When starting a new initiative, it can be hard to know where to start. Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy stresses that a community engagement strategy is vital to the success of any healthy food retail program. This webinar will help you identify potential stakeholders to join your network, select your partner store and take the first few steps toward increasing the availability of healthy, affordable foods in your community.

Keys to Success

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After you have built your network and gotten started, the next step is to determine strategies you can use to build more demand for healthier foods in your community. Demand is built through nutrition education, both in the store and in the community, and various outreach activities. In this webinar, you will learn about such strategies and hear from an experienced community member who led an effort in her St. Louis neighborhood with the St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project. You’ll also be introduced to several process and outcome evaluation tools you can use to determine the success of your program.

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