Stock healthyStock healthy: Retailers

Rural and urban stores are part of the economic and social fabric of a community. A part of everyday life, they not only provide provisions of life to their customers but also fulfill many other roles — as a community builder, employer, economic force and gathering place. Small food retailers across Missouri represent an opportunity to increase the availability of healthy foods in communities.

Food retailers of all sizes can play an important role in improving access to healthy foods in rural and in urban communities. Regardless of the size of the store, a successful healthy corner store or grocery program addresses both the supply of healthy foods in the store and the demand for such foods among community residents. The Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy: Retailer Toolkit provides ideas on how the retailer and community partners can work together to increase consumer demand and to increase the amount of healthy foods sold. (The toolkit is available from the downloads page.)

What’s in this toolkit?

  • Information on healthful food items
  • Guidelines for handling and storing produce
  • Tips for displaying and merchandising healthy inventory
  • Strategies for profiting from healthy food sales
  • Ideas for promotion and marketing

This toolkit can help you as a small food retailer to:

  • Identify goals and strategies for increasing sales of healthy foods
  • Strategically price and display healthy foods
  • Promote and market healthy foods in your community
  • Attract and keep loyal customers
  • Build partnerships with community organizations that will support your efforts and promote your store