Housing Education


photo: Housing education

Volunteers take a break after doing yard work for older
Ferguson homeowners as part of a pilot program designed
to create a safer, more accessible neighborhood.

Aging in Place/Universal Design. Educates older adults, their families, and caregivers to ensure older adults can remain in their homes safely and independently for as long as possible.

Energy Management. Teaches participants how to save energy in their home, lower utility costs, and take advantage of current tax credits available on energy-efficient products.

Healthy Homes. A national program that educates consumers about sources, health risks, and control measures related to common residential pollutants and toxins to help reduce risks in and around the home.

HomeWorks. Teaches homeowners about basic home repairs, maintenance, and financial management necessary to successfully maintain a home. Class is often tailored to address specific home repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

Moving into a new space?

Rent Smart. Participants learn how to succeed as tenants and avoid confrontations and legal hassles with landlords. Click here for the Rental Inspection Checklist.
Watch MU Extension Housing Specialist, Kandace Fisher-McLean, instruct new renters/owners what to look for when moving into a new space.

Green Cleaning Series with Kandace Fisher-McLean

Interested in crafting your own homemade cleaners? Contact Kandace Fisher-McLean for information on her Green Cleaning Series. Her class demonstrates making your own environmentally-friendly cleaners at home. All supplies will be provided. Craft your own cleaner, test it out and take it home! Fee: $15. Watch her create laundry detergent!

Housing and environmental design information

LifeTimes newsletter. Includes housing and environmental design information in a quarterly publication that enhances the lives of individuals and families.

Contact: Kandace Fisher-McLean


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