Nutrition and health

Cooking Matters®

Recognized by the USDA as a top nutrition education program, Cooking Matters teaches participants how to shop and prepare healthy, affordable, and delicious meals. With five distinct curricula focused on different ages of the population, Cooking Matters engages individuals in hands-on nutrition and culinary activities. Each Cooking Matters course meets weekly for 6 weeks. To schedule a Cooking Matters course contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

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Cooking Matters at the Store®

Based upon the Cooking Matters program described above, Cooking Matters at the Store engages participants in an interactive grocery store tour teaching them how to include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into their carts. To schedule a tour contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

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Eat Smart, Being Active

This is a nutrition curriculum specifically for adults. During the 8 weekly lessons, participants focus on the following topics:  physical activity, food budgeting and shopping, fruits, vegetables, grains, building strong bones, protein and iron, making dietary changes, and healthy celebrations. To schedule an Eating Smart, Being Active course contact Terressa Clary.

Taking Care of You 

In MU Extension's Taking Care of You class, you can learn techniques to help you reduce stress and improve lifestyle behaviors. The class teaches concepts and practical strategies to incorporate into your everyday life to better deal with life’s challenges. To schedule a course contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

Eat Well, Be Well with Diabetes

The goal of this class is to provide people living with or caring for someone with Type 2 Diabetes the tools they need to manage their blood sugar and other symptoms of this chronic condition. The course is designed to meet once per week for 4 weeks.  Participants will have the opportunity to prepare and sample a healthy recipe(s). To learn more about managing your Type 2 Diabetes contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

Video: Eat Well Be Well with Diabetes (MU Extension)

Food Preservation

The goal of this program is to provide participants with a solid foundation in home canning and preserving. Through hands-on classes participants learn how to make jellies/jams, pickled vegetables and salsas, and learn proper pressure and boiling-water canning processes. Classes can be offered as a one-time class focused on one of the techniques listed above or you can schedule a food preservation course made up of 5 distinct lessons. To schedule a food preservation class or course contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

Testing for dial-type pressure canner lids is available. Dial-type gauges should be tested annually to ensure accuracy and prevent bacterial contamination of preserved foods. Testing is not necessary for weighted gauges. To schedule an appointment to test your dial-type pressure canner contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.

Show Me Nutrition

This program is made up of 9 distinct curricula with each curricula focused on a different grade (Pre K-8th grade). Each curriculum reinforces behaviors that support a healthy weight for kids such as being more physically active, decreasing screen time, eating a healthy breakfast, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking less soda and fruit drinks. To schedule a class contact Terressa Clary

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy  


A strength training class for older adults. Participants participate in twice weekly exercise sessions for 8 weeks building muscle and strength through the completion of 8 basic exercises. There is an advanced version for groups who have completed and mastered the original Stay Strong, Stay Healthy exercises. To schedule a class contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja

Seasonal and Simple 

Did you know that MU Extension has developed a website and cookbook just for Missourians that helps us make the most out of the seasonal produce available during the Spring, Summer, and Fall? Check out the Seasonal and Simple website and don’t forget to download the app. Printed Seasonal and Simple Cookbooks can be purchased at the St. Louis County Extension office. 

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Health Insurance Education Initiative

Because of the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals, families and businesses will need to make decisions about their health insurance. This program helps individuals, families and businesses better understand the new health care law and make informed health insurance decisions.

To schedule a class contact Damaris Karanja or Robert Russell

Child Care Trainings

A set of seven distinct workshops available to child care professionals. Workshops focus on health and wellness topics that will not only help child care providers provide a healthier environment for children in their care, but also provide them with knowledge and skills to practice healthier habits in their own life. Trainings are FREE and provide child providers with clock-hours needed to maintain their licensure.  To schedule a child care training contact Leslie Bertsch or Damaris Karanja.


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