Food, nutrition, health

Eat Well, Be Well with Diabetes

A four-session program designed to provide you with practical information and skills needed to self-manage diabetes and promote optimal health. The sessions use hands-on activities to encourage discussion and sharing among all participants. New food products and easy, healthy recipes are sampled at each class. Next session to be announced.

Family meals

Preparing and sharing family meals benefits the whole family with an increase in healthy foods, a decrease in the likelihood of obesity, better grades for kids, improved communication, fostering family traditions and money savings from not eating out. Tips for family meals

Food preservation

Canning, freezing and drying are safe and effective ways to preserve food if done correctly. Learn the latest, safest ways to preserve food at home in classes that are taught during the growing season, June through August. Feel free to call Linda Rellergert, 636-970-3000, at the MU Extension Center with food preservation questions or to schedule an appointment to test your canner guage. Dial-type pressure canner guages should be tested annually. Quality for Keeps newsletter

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

A ten-session program that teaches basic strength training for middle-aged and older adults to improve health and quality of life. Exercise sessions improve strength and balance. Starter weights for in-class use are provided. More program info

Basic: simple, easy-to-learn starter exercises.

Advanced: builds on the fitness base acquired through the basic program with more complex exercises. 

Taking Care of You - Body, Mind, Spirit

An eight-week program that helps people learn an approach to life's challenges that aids their well-being. Participants explore a topic each week through small group discussion, self-reflection and activities. More program info