2018 Staffing Plan

Communities across the state have told the University of Missouri that they need a local community-focused person who is easy to contact and who is fully engaged with their community. They also want in-depth knowledge easily accessible in their communities, and a connection point to university researchers.

To make this happen, University of Missouri Extension is transitioning our local staffing to balance local touch and in-depth knowledge to create stronger engagement and outcomes at the local level, built on applying high-tech university science where it is most useful.

The staffing plan for 2018 will enable our faculty specialists to achieve this needed balance of local touch and in-depth knowledge.

Please refer to the resources on this page to learn more.

Presentation of 2018 Staffing Plan

Watch the video recording of Marshall Stewart, University of Missouri Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement, and Blake Naughton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement, in which they present the 2018 Staffing Plan.


PowerPoint handout of presentation

You can download a PDF of the PowerPoint handout of the 2018 Staffing Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help clarify the staffing plan for 2018.
Download the PDF to view this list.

Statewide list of specialists

Download the Excel spreadsheet to see the scope of our statewide staffing plan.

Staffing plans by MU Extension regions

Northwest Region (PDF)

Northeast Region (PDF)

Urban Region West (PDF)

Urban Region East (PDF)

West Central Region (PDF)

East Central Region (PDF)

Southwest Region (PDF)

Southeast Region (PDF)