Strategic initiatives

In March 2012 the MU Extension Strategic Plan was finalized. It has seven goals with specific objectives that support our overall mission and values.

For each of the seven goals, extension has formed a committee to work on the objectives and action items.

In July 2012, Michael Ouart, Beverly Coberly and Rhonda Gibler recorded a video discussion of current work on MU Extension’s strategic plan and “One MU Extension” and program integration initiatives.  Watch the video (WMV)

One MU Extension

Modeled on MU's One Mizzou initiative, One MU Extension is intended to tighten the relationships between MU Extension units and professionals.

Program integration

Program integration is a an initiative designed to address social and economic issues that have local and global urgency, without changing our core programs or work. It’s a way to create more channels of interdisciplinary collaboration within MU Extension and with our partners, focused on specific theme areas.  Program integration positions Extension to quickly develop holistic, academically sound responses to complex emerging issues and opportunities.

It will help MU Extension be more effective in responding to priority needs of Missourians because we can

  •    be flexible, dynamic and fluid in responding to timely and complex issues;
  •    quickly create peer collaborations to assess issues from many perspectives;
  •    shift programmatic resources when and where they are most needed.


Educational Attainment
Advance the process of lifelong learning by enhancing both childhood and adult educational attainment.

Environmental Concerns
Address issues and opportunities concerning research and education in energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy, new concepts for the reduction of energy dependence, water quality and environmental impact on health and safety.

Community, Economic, Business and Workforce Development
Address issues and opportunities concerning the economic infrastructure of Missouri and its communities, including public services, economic development, jobs and educational access.

Global Food Systems
Address issues and opportunities relevant to the improvement of affordable, accessible, safe and healthy food.

Health Systems
Address issues and opportunities relevant to the improvement of individual, family and community health.