Strategic plan

Updated January 2016

Vision statement: University of Missouri Extension is a valued and trusted educational solution to improve the quality of life in Missouri, the nation and the world.

Mission statement: Our distinct land grant mission is to improve lives, communities and economies by producing relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies that enhance access to the resources and research of the University of Missouri.

The MU Extension Steering Committee reviewed the strategic plan and the role of the seven goal teams supporting it. The committee found the teams had made considerable progress realizing goal objectives, and the members should take pride in their efforts.  

The committee noted that although all of the goal concepts are important, the work associated with Goals 4 through 7 was operational and not strategic. This new understanding led to the creation of a draft plan document with just two distinct strategic goals. One goal focusing on research, and the other goal focusing on program development and evaluation. Concepts previously associated with Goals 4 through 7 are used to support the revised strategic goals for research and programming.

Teams for Goal 1, Goal 2 and Goal 3 will continue their work. Members of teams for Goals 4 through 7, though no longer assigned to active teams, have the opportunity to support the two new strategic goals as needed.  

Additionally, there are discussions on clarifying the connection between the MU Extension and MU Campus strategic plans. As this moves forward, it might reshape the MU Extension Strategic Plan. Consequently, there is also consideration on the possibility of using a facilitator or advisor to assist in the process.      

You can learn more by reading the MU Extension Strategic Plan 2016 DRAFT document (PDF).

Goal teams

Goal 1 committee members

Goal 2 committee members

Archived strategic plan

For information on the original strategic plan, see the MU Extension Strategic Plan from March 2012 through December 2015 (PDF).

Key initiatives

Efforts related to the strategic plan are linked with program integration and Missouri Banner Outcomes. Learn more about these key initiatives.