For faculty and staff

How to communicate with stakeholders

Check Your Stakeholder Relations IQ (DOC) 
How savvy are you in stakeholder communication? 

Communicating With Your State Legislators (PDF) (updated 2/2010)
Handy tips about protocols for communicating with legislators

Before You Contact Your Legislator (PDF)  (updated 12/2010)
It pays to be prepared when you go visit with a legislator or other stakeholder. Here are questions to ask yourself before you visit or call.

Year-round communication techniques
Check this list of tried and true communication practices.

County commissions assist in local funding for University of Missouri Extension programs through the county extension council.  A focus group summary with Missouri Association of Counties members (DOC) offers feedback on how commissioners view extension and their communication concerns.  See tips on communicating with your local commission.

City officeholders and their constituents need University of Missouri Extension resources and can be funding partners.  A focus group discussion summary with Missouri Municipal League (DOC) members offers insight into their perspectives.

Enacting a Bill in Missouri (PDF)
Illustrated chart outlines the process for enacting a Missouri bill into law.

Local government publications and websites (MU Extension)
Tools for working with local governments, including the John Ballard series of local government publications.

Extension council training and tools 
Stakeholder relations resources specifically for extension council members