Take action locally

Organize a candidate forum
Provide an opportunity for citizens to hear candidates’ views on public issues as well as demonstrate University of Missouri Extension’s ability to convene discussions that are open, fair and respectful.

Guide to Organizing a Candidate Forum (PDF)

Additional resources are located on the share drive (login required): http://uoeshare.ext.missouri.edu/share/Special%20Projects/Stakeholder%20Relations/

Organize a program showcase
A program showcase is an opportunity to educate stakeholders and others on the impact MU Extension programs have on our citizens and communities. A showcase may focus on programs in one county or across a region. Our educational programs include Agriculture, Human Environmental Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, Community Development, Business Development and Continuing Education.

Guide to Conducting an MU Extension Program Showcase (PDF)
Additional templates located on the S drive.

Organize a legislative workshop
Educate legislators about programs and resources available to them from MU Extension.

See http://uoeshare.ext.missouri.edu/share/Special%20Projects/Stakeholder%20Relations/ for documents related to these topics  (login required)