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Self-directed extension team: Trust Builders

Team Contacts:   Renette Wardlow

Who are your current team members:

  • Donna Taake
  • Patty Fisher
  • Maude Kelly
  • Amy Schliecher
  • Kathy Dothage
  • Cynthia Crawford
  • Bud Reber
  • Wayne Dietrich

In just a few words, what is your team’s mission?

Build trust within UOE (faculty, administration, council, & county offices)


What are your plans for the next 3-6 months?

  1. Self study on trust within SDWG
  2. TLR, county trainings
  3. Additional presentations within Extension (ISE, by region to be determined, FNP, administrative assistants, 4-H councils.)


How are your team members keeping in touch?

Email , face to face meetings, regional extension council meetings, conference calls, and Adobe Connect


What would you like others to know about your team?

Training has been developed and is ready to deliver.  One of the first presentations was to the TLR group.


Can others join your team?  If so, how?

Yes, contact Sherry Nelson

Shelley Bush Rowe,
Don Nicholson,