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Self-directed extension team: Team Spirit

Who are your current team members:

      Julie Middleton
Bev Maltsberger
Janet LaFon
Jim Ronald
Susan Mills-Gray
Kathy Macomber
Clint Dougherty
Sarah Traub
Jenny Norell 
Lynda Zimmerman

In just a few words, what is your team’s mission?

To strive toward establishing an organization where employees are valued, recognized, have flexibility and work in a positive encouraging environment.


What are your plans for the next 3-6 months?

1.    Monthly “Spirit Spark” articles in the MU Extension Insider newsletter
2.    Begin “Colleague Connections” quarterly webinars
3.    Work with UMEA on plans for an Extension Day at a 2012 MU Football Game
4.    Present proposal for enhancing length of service recognitions
5.    Continue working on ways to improve/expand communication within the organization
6.    Develop a survey regarding morale in the workplace
7.    Develop and share ideas for building morale/camaraderie in offices


How are your team members keeping in touch?

Email and Adobe Connect, teleconference, office communication.  3rd Friday’s 8:30-9:30 a.m via office communicator for next 12 months


What would you like others to know about your team?

We are creating small steps to success.


Can others join your team?  If so, how?

Yes, please contact Janet LaFon or Susan Mills-Gray

Shelley Bush Rowe,
Don Nicholson,