2009 Public Value ISE

Public Value presentation and workbook

Dr. Laura Kalambokidis, associate professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota-St. Paul, has researched, written and presented extensively about public value in extension programs. 

Dr. Laura Kalambokidis conducted in-service education for MU Extension faculty and staff on Feb. 17, 2009. Watch a video of the “Building MU Extension’s Public Value” training.

Staff may download the following tools from her Feb. 17, 2009, in-service presentation from the MU Extension share drive. If prompted, use your MU PawPrint (domain\userID) to access them.

PowerPoint presentation(PPT) 

To view Dr. Kalambokidis’ blog on public value, go to:

To review Journal of Extension articles concerning public value, go to:
and search on “public value” or “Kalambokidis”

Public value relates to program logic model

Dr. Kalambokidis’ definition of public value in extension relates to the Program Logic Model in that the outcomes identified for public value messages fit into the Ultimate Impacts columnsocial, economic, civic and environmental outcomes. In the case of public value impacts, these results or changes are for non-participating individuals, groups, agencies or communities.
See: http://extension.missouri.edu/staff/programdev/plm/


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