Program integration


Program integration is rooted in the strategic plan recently adopted by University of Missouri Extension and is a basic element needed to nourish the organization’s vision and mission.

Vision —
University of Missouri Extension is a valued and trusted educational solution to improve the quality of life in Missouri, the nation and the world.

Mission —
Our distinct land grant mission is to improve lives, communities and economies by producing relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies that enhance access to the resources and research of the University of Missouri.

MU Extension’s strategic plan calls for

  • program integration within MU Extension, the MU campus, Mizzou Advantage and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture.
  • program development processes to meet the needs of our audiences. Current program areas provide an excellent base of information needed to solve problems, but most societal problems are complex and not solved by using just one of our strong educational base areas. Multidisciplinary approaches will enhance our ability to help solve complex societal issues. Program integration enables MU Extension to position for the future without reorganizing our base program areas.
  • program evaluation as a part of the program development process and requires programs to be accountable by responding with solutions for complex issues.

MU Extension studied program integration and deemed it the best interdisciplinary approach to accomplish two main organizational goals:

  • Better program alignment and integration for responding to Missourians needs
  • Evaluation and accountability through use of banner outcomes

Table of contents:

What is program integration?

Examples of current interdisciplinary activities with potential to reach integration

Development and evaluation

Thematic team process

Appointment of thematic teams

Figure 2: Decision grid to determine priority issues

Selecting a facilitator for thematic teams
      - Facilitator nomination/interest form (PDF)

Support for team facilitators and teams