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Professional development

Ongoing professional development is essential to maintaining a high-performing and engaged workforce. Professional opportunities listed below provide a framework for supporting the career growth of MU Extension employees that aligns with MU Extension strategic direction.

See below for information regarding various professional development opportunities within MU Extension.

State-wide professional development

State-wide professional development is seen as employee driven with accountability to self, supervisor, program/unit and MU Extension. The employee is encouraged to seek training opportunities that improves their craft, and aligns with their individual development plan, performance and career goals, and career stages.

  • State-wide professional development committee
  • State-wide development funds

    • Funds are available per approved request. Approval is based on potential development impact to the employee, return on investment to the organization, previous approvals, and availability of funds.
    • Statewide professional development funds are intended to supplement other funding sources.
    • Employee completes the Funding Request form (below) and submits to the Statewide Professional Development Committee. Effort should be made to submit request at least 30 days before funding is required.
    • Funding Request form: State-wide professional development funding request form (XLSX)
  • State-wide professional development FAQs (DOCX)
  • State-wide professional development opportunities
    • On-campus monthly orientation
    • New Faculty Cohort
    • Summit (MU Extension professional development conference)
    • Spring Institute (regional and campus day of training)
      • March 20, 2018
      • Training workshop on Clifton Strengths
      • Stay tuned for further information
    • MELD (Missouri Extension Leadership Development)
    • NELD (National Extension Leadership Development)
    • Supervisor/coaching training
    • Mentor/mentee training
    • Certification Training
    • Internship/externship
    • Campus/system opportunities
    • Administrative support training
  • Individual development plan (IDP) – currently under construction
    • The IDP is an on-line tool that will be accessed on myExtension. It will contain training resources and links; and a system that will enable you to plan and track your professional development goals and experiences.

Program/unit professional development

  • Check with your program director for content specific training opportunities.

Regional professional development

Support Unit professional development

  • Check with your unit supervisor for unit specific training opportunities.

Other professional development opportunities

To participate in a professional development opportunity, check with your supervisor to discuss funding and work time scheduling.

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