Program integration

Selecting a facilitator for thematic teams

Employees can be nominated by a peer, colleague or supervisor. Before submitting a name for considera-tion, communicate with the co-worker and be sure he or she is willing to serve. Employees are encouraged to submit their own name if interested in serving in the facilitator role.

Thematic team facilitator nomination/interest form (PDF)

Submit the nomination/interest form to:

Associate Vice Provost for Programs,
108 Whitten Hall,
Attn: Debbie Ricker

or email to:

Submissions will be reviewed beginning Dec. 1, 2012, and will continue until suitable candidates are identified.

The program integration work group reviews all nomination/interest forms. The work group consists of a representative of the four administrative areas: continuing education director (John Worden), regional director (Mark Stewart), support unit leader (Melinda Adams), program director (Ina Linville) and associate vice provost for programs (Beverly Coberly).


  1. List of candidates is refined. Work group seeks additional solicitations, if needed.
  2. List of potential candidates is presented to supervisors and cabinet before candidates are contacted.
  3. Work group seeks additional information or time with candidate, if needed.
  4. Recommendations are made to cabinet.
  5. Negotiations take place with facilitators and supervisors.
  6. Facilitators are named.

The Program Integration Leadership Team intends to name facilitators in early 2013.

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