Examples of current interdisciplinary activities with potential to reach integration

Mizzou Advantage Health Care Reform Network

This program collects, evaluates and disseminates information about the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 on Missouri citizens and institutions. Members are from these entities: 

  • MU schools and colleges of business, law, medicine, public policy, human and environmental sciences, nursing, health professions;
  • MU Extension regional faculty from Central, East Central, West Central, Northwest and Northeast regions; and
  • MU Extension units: labor education, nursing, continuing medical education and the Missouri Training Institute.

Energy Program

The energy program is divided into three categories: residential, agriculture and biomass. Each category is developing logic models and curriculum to provide information to Missouri citizens and institutions.
Team members are from every program area of MU Extension. The program is represented on several North Central energy efforts.

Water Quality

The water quality program provides information for watershed education and management for agriculture and urban activities, residential and public water supplies, and human and livestock waste management.

The team has representatives from:
MU Extension’s Human Environmental Services, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Development and 4-H; and
Natural Resources Conservation Service, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Agriculture Research Service.

Pasture-based Dairy

This program provides information to help producers minimize concentrate feeding, optimize grass management and use labor-efficient parlors. Participants for this program include specialists from dairy science, agricultural business, veterinary medicine and plant science.    
The team integrates research and extension faculty to develop and deliver programs.

Metropolitan Food Systems

Formed last year, this team is developing a statewide vision and pathway for MU Extension programming in the area of metropolitan food systems. Framework components will be interdisciplinary and feature partnerships with stakeholders and community partners.
Team members include representatives from community development, horticulture, agriculture, nutrition and business.
The program will incorporate other areas of expertise as needed.

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