Missouri Banner Outcomes

Missouri Banner Outcomes provide a set of criteria for program evaluation that continually improves outcomes from extension programs. They also provide measures of delivering results in several areas of the MU Strategic Plan.

  • MU Extension uses Banner Outcomes to make decisions about reporting priorities, including the Excellence in Extension/Land-grant Impacts System.
  • MU Extension's reporting system(s) have an increased number of more specific indicators to construct narratives about impacts as laid out by the Banner Outcomes. However, Banner Outcomes should not be viewed as the only progress information we collect.
  • Banner Outcomes are a tool to engage in cross-program and continuing education (CE) discussions about program priorities and impact reporting.
  • Banner Outcomes outline how to incorporate indicators and collect state-level data that allow MU Extension (and others) to work together and collectively contribute to the Banner Outcomes impacts.
  • Banner Outcomes identify evaluation processes, mechanisms and approaches that can be shared among program areas and CE units to generate the types of impacts described within the Banner Outcomes.

Banner Outcomes enable MU Extension to provide information about program outcomes across all disciplines and program areas. Following are the categories of Banner Outcomes and their measurements.

Banner Outcomes overview (PDF)

Economic value

  • Jobs and employment
  • Workforce preparedness and development
  • Economic return

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Economic value (PDF)

Engagement in public issues

  • Public involvement in community decision-making
  • Inclusiveness, representation and empowerment in civic decisions
  • Organizational and leadership development (supporting groups, coalitions and organizations in the interest of the public good)
  • Finding and mobilizing resources in the community (the implementation of community decisions)
  • Community changes as a result of public engagement

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Engagement in public issues (PDF)

Health and physical well-being

  • Improving diet and nutrition
  • Reducing illness through preventative action
  • Reducing obesity rates

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Health and physical well-being (PDF)

Environmental quality

  • Soil management changes that reduce soil loss or transport
  • Management changes that improve water quality in surface and ground water
  • Management changes that improve air quality and energy efficiency

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Environmental quality (PDF)

Emergency management

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Emergency management (PDF)

Collaboration and leveraging the expertise of the land-grant university

  • Increased access to the expertise of the land grant university
  • Increased access to other organizations
  • Collaboration and facilitation of partnerships that address critical problems and priorities
  • Leveraging expertise and funding beyond land grant universities
  • Leveraging appropriated resources to increase revenue through fees, grants, contracts, gifts and endowments
  • Extended reach of MU Extension programs as a result of engaged volunteers

An in-depth look at Missouri Banner Outcomes: Collaboration and leveraging the expertise of the land-grant university (PDF)