Past recipients of the Outstanding Agriculturalist Award

2001  Mark Stewart

2000  J.C. Owsley and Brent Robinson

1999  Matt Herring and Charles (Ed) Browning

1998  Karla Deaver and Gerald Bryan

1997  Jerry D. Thompson

1996  Melvin Brees, Ray Nabors and Dean Wilson

1995  Roger Eakins, Kenneth A. Bolte and Thomas L. Hansen

1994  Richard W. Clark, Gary D. Hoette and Donald N. Mobley

1993  Leo (Bud) Reber, Maryann Redelfs and Don Day

1992  Don Bailey, Don Null and Eldon Cole

1991  Wayne Prewitt, Ross Swofford and Harold (Rick) Mammen

1990  C.R. (Bud) Motsinger, Don Utlaut and Tony Rickard

1989  Jim Freeman, Al Kennett and Clem Koenig

1988  John Garrett, Marion Gentry and James Kennel

1987  Richard Prewitt, Charles Rosenkrans and Charles Shay

1986  Dale Hagerman, Calvin Jones and Ronald Young