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University of Missouri Extension Message Map

Improves people's lives: 1 Education to help people help themselves 2 meet high-priority needs 3 Partnership links citizens with local, state, federal resources 4 flexible program access 5 faculty and staff

MU Extension Message Map (PDF) (long version)
Business & Workforce Development (PDF) | Ag & Natural Resources (PDF) | HES (PDF) |  4-H Youth Development (PDF) | Community Development (PDF)

Message maps help us organize our thoughts to answer questions such as "What does University of Missouri Extension do?" in ways that focus on how people benefit, not on what you do.

At the center is Home Base - "Improve People's Lives." Moving out, the message provides five positive points focusing on how we help people. From there, you can provide specific information on each of the five points.

Home Base and the positive points should be included in questions about University of Missouri Extension's mission. Answers should focus on how people benefit rather than on what you do.