Key initiatives

For more than a century, University of Missouri Extension has been improving lives and communities. As we move forward into our second century of service to the people of Missouri, we embrace a framework for honoring the mission, vision and values of MU Extension.

In addition to our mission, vision and values, the program integration effort and Missouri Banner Outcomes are interconnected initiatives aimed at prioritizing programming choices and development to ensure each program continues to serve the interests of the public.

  • Our mission, vision and values outline goals that make it possible to sustainably translate research into practical programs.
  • Missouri Banner Outcomes identify societal issue areas MU Extension is positioned to address and an evaluation system that will measure outcomes to demonstrate accountability.
  • Program integration enhances extension's ability to develop programs that are valued and trusted.

Together, these initiatives provide a framework that strikes a balance among individual and organizational thinking and appropriate levels of participation.


2018 Staffing Plan

University of Missouri Extension is transitioning our local staffing to balance local touch and in-depth knowledge to create stronger engagement and outcomes at the local level, built on applying high-tech university science where it is most useful.

Please refer to the resources on the 2018 Staffing Plan webpage to learn more. You'll find a video presentation of the staffing plan, a list of frequently asked questions, a statewide list of specialists and staffing plans for each extension region.