Fee generation

MU Extension Revenue Generation Guiding Principles

The mission of University of Missouri Extension is to improve Missourians’ lives by addressing their highest priorities through the application of research-based knowledge and resources.
MU Extension in the 21st Century will have to diversify all funding streams to increase revenues to support programmatic efforts across the state. A successful revenue generation model for MU Extension must have a solid foundation of principles from which to operate. Core guiding principles include:

Any resource acquired will advance the mission. The issue to be supported must be identified as a priority for the organization and its partners.
Appropriate sources
Funds generated will be ethically and legally derived and not compromise the integrity of the organization or its programs. Appropriate balance of public and private good will guide decisions.
Appropriate uses
Revenue will be used to develop, sustain, enhance or expand programs and services in an effective and efficient manner.
Revenue generation to support priority programs is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, stakeholders and volunteers.
Organizational commitment
Faculty, staff and stakeholders will receive education and support for acquiring and managing resources. This includes ongoing, active administrative support, in addition to training.
Successful diversification of funding streams will require creativity, innovation, planning and the willingness to take some risk. Innovative efforts taken must continue to advance teamwork and interdisciplinary endeavors.
Opportunities to acquire resources and measures of success may vary.
Incentives must be appropriate, equitable and consistent with policies.
All revenues will be handled in an appropriate manner so as to ensure accurate accounting for funds and maintain the confidence of our constituents. It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff who receive and spend funds to act in accordance with accountability standards.
Faculty, staff and stakeholders will make reasonable efforts to ensure access to all.

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