One MU Extension goal committee members

Goal 1: Enhance MU Extension's access to and use of research to ensure relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies.

Leaders — Marcia Shannon and Shelley Bush-Rowe

Members — Stephen Ball, Dave Baker, Carl Calkins, Max Glover, Vicki Leighty, Ina Linville, Craig Payne, Susan Renoe, Joe Vale


Goal 2: Maximize the impact on society by offering research-based programs focused on high priority economic, environmental, and social outcomes and lead to MU Extension being viewed as valued and trusted.

Leaders — Mary Leuci and Mark Stillwell

Members — Johanna Reed Adams, DeeAnna Adkins, Tony DeLong, David Hedrick, Steve Henness, Kim Keller, Joseph Koenen, Dean Larkin, John MyersMark Stewart