Travel policy

The links to the travel policies are below.

Federal lobbyist reporting requirements still apply, but reporting is now handled by the online eCompliance system for the University of Missouri.  To report lobbying activities, please click on the link and select "Lobbying Activity Report" from the menu to start.

Tips: (not to replace reading the policies):

  • Cost analysis of flying vs. driving is not longer required.  Employees are expected to use common sense when deciding the least expensive but reasonable way to travel for business.
  • Units may not establish lower limits or more restrictive policies (i.e. mileage rate or meals) for travel unless required by an outside entity.
  • Where feasible and appropriate, you should have the university pay pre-trip travel expenses before the trip (usually by purchasing card).
  • Travel expenses that will be reimbursed by another organization rather than by the university should not be charged to the university. The cost of airline tickets and other travel expenses should be borne by the traveler and the traveler reimbursed directly from the organization.
  • The Extended Work Day policy is for travel that causes the employee to work in excess of a normal schedule outside of assigned work location(s) and/or assigned tasks. It is reimbursed at a set rate of $21 for the day. Please note: this is a change from the policy taught in June/July 2012.
  • Receipts less than $75 not required other than for hotel and supplies.
  • Acronyms should not be used.