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Top 20 federal and state government awards

Total: $20,890,605

Family Nutrition
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Missouri Department of Social Services
Project Manager: Jo Britt-Rankin, HES Extension

The Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) provides Missourians with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy life. Nutrition educators teach school children and parents the value of making healthy food choices, staying physically fit, practicing food safety methods, and stretching food dollars.

Missouri Small Business Technology Development Center
U.S. Small Business Administration
Project Manager: Steve Devlin, Business Extension

The Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers (SBTDC) deliver high-quality, high-impact counseling and training to the state’s entrepreneurs. All four University of Missouri System campuses have an SBTDC presence, which readily serves more than 60 percent of Missouri’s population. The remainder of Missouri is served via subcontracts with institutions across the state.

Show-Me Healthy Marriages and Relationships
U.S. Administration for Children and Families
Project Manager: Chelsea Rosner, HES Extension

In the Show Me Healthy Marriages and Relationships (SMHMR) project we combine the strengths of the University of Missouri (MU), Regional Extension Specialists, and Community Family Agencies (CFAs) to provide marriage and relationship education to participants in 21 counties across Missouri.

Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center
U.S. Department of Commerce
Project Manager: Steve Devlin, Business Extension

The Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center provides market-based investments in domestic manufacturers located in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas that are adversely impacted by competition with imports.

Kansas City 21st-Century Community Learning Center
U.S. Department of Education, Local Investment Committee
Project Manager: Beth Rasa-Edwards

The 4-H and LINC project focuses on select elementary and K–8 schools in the Kansas City area that meet the criteria of “targeted for school improvement” or “academically deficient.” The goal is to improve academic outcomes and assure that youth are prepared for successful and productive adulthood.

Missouri Afterschool State Network
U.S. Department of Education, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Project Manager: Teresa Foulkes, 4-H Extension

This project allows the 4-H Extension program to work with statewide partners to see that all school-age children and youth in Missouri have access to high-quality, sustained afterschool programs. The goal is to provide safe, nurturing programs that extend experiential learning, academic achievement and social, recreational and personal life skills.

U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
Project Manager: Steve Devlin, Business Extension

Extension’s Business Development Program provides specialized and professional assistance to individuals and businesses seeking contracting and subcontracting opportunities.

Missouri E&T SNAP Education
U.S Dept of Agriculture/Missouri Dept of Social Services
Project Manager: Steve Devlin, Business Development

Extensions Business Development Program will provide training opportunities for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients, known as the Food Stamp Program in Missouri. The goal is to enhance the state’s economy by moving more workers from the ranks of those receiving assistance to those who are employed and supporting themselves and their families.

Missouri AgrAbility Project
U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Project Manager: Karen Funkenbusch, Agriculture Extension

The objective of the Missouri AgrAbility Program is to provide statewide on-the-farm service to farmers and farm family members with disabilities.  The goal of MAP is to promote the return of these individuals to farming or a farm-related profession, to the community, and to independent living. 

Administrative Review and Training Grant
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Project Manager: Jo Britt-Rankin, HES Extension

Missouri education officials want to bolster the statewide system that identifies children eligible to receive free meals through the National School Lunch Program. University of Missouri Extension will assist the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with developing a plan to improve the state's direct certification process for children receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).

Adult Education and Literacy Services 
U.S. Dept of Education/ Mo Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education
Project Manager: Dewey Thompson

Extension's Missouri Training Institute provides a variety of high quality professional development activities for Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) directors, teachers and staff in order that they may become more effective educators of adults.  MTI proposes to provide course development and delivery of face to face instruction and distance-learning activities in both required and elective courses for AEL staff at various locations throughout the state of Missouri.

Identification and Management of Alleles Impairing Heifer Fertility While Optimizing Genetic Gain in Angus Cattle
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Project Manager: David Patterson, Agriculture Extension

This project identifies recessive loci that cause embryonic or early developmental mortality to improve reproductive rates in U.S. Angus cattle. This is an integrated project with the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Extension is developing a Web-based comprehensive educational training program to enable all segments of the beef cattle sector to learn about the benefits of adopting genomic technologies in making decisions about cattle breeding.

Healthcare Associate Infection Education
US Dept of Health and Human Services / Mo Dept of Health and Senior Services
Project Manager: Shirley Farrah, Nursing Extension

MU Extension Nursing Outreach and Distance Education will collaborate with the Missouri Healthcare-associated Infections Advisory Council to present safety and basic infection control practice training for healthcare providers.

4-H National Mentoring Program
National 4-H Council, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Project Manager: Lynna Lawson, 4-H Extension

The Missouri 4-H Mentoring Program (M4HMP) provides ongoing mentoring opportunities with 5- to 17-year-old youths in 4-H LIFE and 8- to 17-year-old youths in 4-H Tech Wizards. The audience is youths who are geographically distanced from at least one parent and those living in urban areas. The long-term goal is to reduce risky behaviors in young people. Short-term goals include increased youth life skills, academics and improved parent-child relationships.

University of Mo Agriculture Extension - Mo Dept of Natural Resources Agreement
Environmental Protection Agency, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Project Manager: Robert Broz, Agriculture Extension

The University of Mo Agricultural Extension is a key partner with the Mo Department of Natural Resources to watershed-based education and pollution prevention education. Extension will assist  with
watershed summits, meeting facilitation, agriculture outreach, capacity building, watershed group formation, and other related issues. 

Missouri IPM Program
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Project Manager: Lee Miller

The Missouri IPM Program is a joint program between University of Missouri Extension and  Lincoln University . Goals are  to 1) educate farmers, homeowners and their advisors about IPM so that they can implement IPM plans; 2) increase awareness and adoption of IPM by vegetable and small fruit farmers, with emphasis on minority and under-represented farmers; 3) develop and deliver information about effective and environmentally sound pest management to farmers, homeowners and their advisors; 4) develop and enhance a monitoring system for existing and potential plant pests; 5) demonstrate IPM principles in the local community; 6) support training for a new generation of IPM professionals

Enhanced Leadership Development Academy
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Project Manager: Shirley Farrah, Nursing Education Extension

In an effort to strengthen leadership capacity, improve nurse retention, and improve quality of care in long-term facilities, the University of Missouri Nursing Program provides this training program for registered nurses and nursing home administrators. This is a structured educational program that uses a combination of face-to-face sessions and two Webinars with a curriculum that has been shown to improve leadership behaviors.

Make It in America
U.S. Economic Development Administration
Project Manager: David Schmidt, Business Extension

This project helps develop a supply chain, its logistics, and the infrastructure (human and physical) necessary to build Small Modular (nuclear) Reactors (SMRs) for the nuclear industry. The SMR project will build a new industry focused on clean energy with strong market demand in both the United States and abroad.

Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Strategies Network
U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Project Manager: Stephen Jeanetta, Agriculture Extension

Latinos, a young and growing population group in the Midwest, are pursuing livelihoods strategies in rural communities. A three year integrated research and extension project will develop a
framework to study the diversity of Latino agricultural livelihood strategies - from established farmers to emerging, and those interested in becoming farmers- and the networks that support
farming, providing access to knowledge and financial resources in Iowa, Michigan and Missouri.

Healthy Homes Partnership
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Project Manager: Michael Goldschmidt, HES Extension

As the lead of the National Healthy Homes Partnership, MU Extension supports the goal of reducing housing deficiencies in the United States and reducing the risks housing poses to health and childhood diseases.


Total: $20,890,605