Surplus equipment

Disposal or transfer of surplus equipment from county or regional offices

Generally, surplus property and equipment purchased with university funds must be returned to the university’s surplus inventory department in Columbia for sale or disposal. Donations of equipment or property purchased with university funds to outside organizations or individuals are not allowed. Due to the location of our local county offices and regional offices throughout the state, the cost to ship items to Columbia may be prohibitive or it may not be feasible for these items to be brought to Columbia by extension staff.

In some cases, items may be approved for local sale or disposal. Requests must be sent to Callie Glascock in administrative management.  MU Surplus Property will be contacted and the response will be provided to the local office upon receipt.

When there are items of computer equipment that remain useable, but are in excess of the needs of a given office, staff should:

  • determine if the items can be used elsewhere within the region
  • lists should be shared with other regional directors by email, carbon copied to Callie Glascock.

Items determined to be excess to needs statewide should be returned to ETCS for disposition. These items are not approved for local sale. For any items moved between offices, the description, serial number, inventory number and new location must be reported to Callie Glascock and ETCS by e-mail.

The following are procedures of "non-supported" computing equipment (items which ETCS will no longer support) or other property and equipment which has been approved for disposition by local sale:

  • Items must be listed for sale in a public place such as the county office, or courthouse (a bulletin board or other place where public notices are normally posted) for at least a week before sale.
  • The proceeds of such sales may be retained locally and must be used by the local extension council in support of extension programs.
  • All software, except the operating system, must be removed from computing equipment prior to sale.
  • The description, serial number, university inventory number (if any) and sale price of equipment sold must be forwarded to Callie Glascock by email.
  • If items cannot be sold, e-mail Callie Glascock for instructions.