Purchasing from Sam’s Club

MU Procurement has a Corporate Membership Program with Sam’s Club in Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City, Mo. This program allows for department end-users to make university business related tax-exempt purchases with their university purchasing card. This will eliminate the need for blanket orders and purchase orders. The new process is simple:

1. Department end-users obtain a “Business Membership Card” from the Sam’s Club Customer Service center. Your pcard and tax exempt letter will be needed for this initial setup. Note: These are at no cost to the department and remain with the department.

2. Present the Business Membership Card to enter Sam’s Club. Select items to purchase.

3. At checkout, present to the Sam’s Club Cashier the Business Membership Card, and the University Purchasing Card. Note: Personal purchases will not be allowed under the business membership. The only method of payment accepted will be the University Purchasing Card.

Procurement has not set up a contract with the Sam’s Clubs in the St. Louis area. However, a Sam's Club card from Columbia, Springfield, or Kansas Cty will be honored in the St. Louis store. 

Online ordering is also possible. The email order confirmation will go to Brenda Reifschneider, who will forward it on to the Billing to name entered. If you need further assistance to get started, please contact the Procurement Hotline, listed on the Purchasing page.