QuickBooks training session recordings

The QuickBooks recording may take approximately 2 to 3 mintues to download to your computer if you have a fast bandwidth connection or may take as long as 30 minutes for slower connections.

RecordingGetting Acquainted with QuickBooks (1 hour 49 minutes) recorded 04/02/2014
Outline Notes for Getting Acquainted topics (PDF)
What's New in QuickBooks 2013 (PDF)
Create new Class (PDF)
Create new Account (PDF)
Receiving and Depositing Money (PDF)
Writing checks (PDF)
Lists and definitions

Recording: Data Validation and Reports (2 hours), added 9/4/13
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Data Validation and Reports(PDF)
County Program Director Resources
Financial Reports Distribution (PDF)
Accounting Checklist for Bookkeepers (PDF)
Additional information for configuring reports

Recording: QuickBooks Payroll (2 hours), added 4/15/14

Related resources:
Outline Notes for QuickBooks Payroll (PDF)
Payroll Procedure Outline (PDF)
Payroll Plans (PDF)
Prepare Payroll Forms - No Payroll Plan (PDF)
Prepare Employee Paychecks (PDF)
MCHCP Health Care Plan (PDF)
Payroll Time Sheets (PDF)

The following resource links will be useful at the end of each quarter and year.
Federal Tax Forms (PDF)
Federal 941 or 944 Forms (PDF)
W2 Forms (PDF)
More Payroll Procedures when you need to know

Recording: Invoices and Accounts Receivable Recording (2 hours), added 11/20/13
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Accounts Receivable (PDF)
Accounts Receivable and Deposits (PDF)
Cancel Accounts Receivable (PDF)

Recording: Bills and Accounts Payable (1 hour 24 minutes), added 12/5/13
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Bills and Accounts Payable (PDF)
Bills and Accounts Payable (PDF)

Recording: Reports Training for Regional Administrative Associates  (2 hours), added 1/7/14


Please report any problems with the recordings to Mary Ann Horvath.