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CES Trainings
Training 1 - September 13, 2018
Training 2 - October 11,2018

New Recordings for QB 2016
Intoduction to Series (MP4)
New Customer (MP4)
Voiding Checks (MP4)
Budget Setup (MP4)
Update or Upgrade (MP4)
Adding Interest (MP4)
Taxes (MP4)
Transferring Money (MP4)
Payroll (MP4)

End of Year Training November 16, 2017
End of Year Training November 30, 2017
New Secretary/CPD Orientation December 6,2017
New Secretary Training July 12, 2018

Travel Zoom Meeting December 20, 2017
Faculty and Staff travel zoom mtg January 16, 2018

Secretary Travel log Training January 23-24, 2018





RecordingQuarterly Tax Training Preparedness recorded 03/26/2015

RecordingGetting Acquainted with QuickBooks (1 hour 49 minutes) recorded 04/02/2014
Outline Notes for Getting Acquainted topics (PDF)
What's New in QuickBooks 2013 (PDF)
Create new Class (PDF)
Create new Account (PDF)
Receiving and Depositing Money (PDF)
Writing checks (PDF)
Class Explanation (PDF)
Transaction Types (PDF)
Glossary of Accounting Terms (PDF)

Recording: Data Validation and Reports (2 hours), added 9/4/13
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Data Validation and Reports(PDF)
County Program Director Resources
Financial Reports Distribution (PDF)
Accounting Checklist for Bookkeepers (PDF)
Customize Reports (PDF)

Recording: QuickBooks Payroll (2 hours), added 4/15/14

Related resources:
Outline Notes for QuickBooks Payroll (PDF)
Payroll Procedure Outline (PDF)
Payroll Plans (PDF)
Prepare Payroll Forms - No Payroll Plan (PDF)
Prepare Employee Paychecks (PDF)
MCHCP Health Care Plan (PDF)
Payroll Time Sheets (PDF)

The following resource links will be useful at the end of each quarter and year.
Federal Tax Forms (PDF)
Federal 941 or 944 Forms (PDF)
W2 Forms (PDF)

Additional Payroll Procedures are located inthe QuickBooks main page, Under the Payroll section.

RecordingAdjust Payroll Liabilities (1 hour 10 minutes), added May 6, 2014
Related resources:
Payroll Liability Adjustment
Payroll Procedure Outline, review page 2

Recording:  Manage Invoices and Accounts Receivables  (2 hours), added 4/29/14
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Accounts Receivable (PDF)
Accounts Receivable and Deposits (PDF)
Cancel Accounts Receivable (PDF)

Recording: Bills and Accounts Payable (1 hour 24 minutes), added 12/5/13
Related resources:
Outline Notes for Bills and Accounts Payable (PDF)
Bills and Accounts Payable (PDF)

Recording:  Credit Card Systems, (2 hours), added 11/22/13
Related resources:
Credit Card Training Outline (PDF) — Modified Nov. 21, 2013

MU Off-Campus Credit Card System

MU Off-Campus Credit Card System User's Manual (DOCX)
MU Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks (PDF) — Modified Aug. 24, 2010
MU Credit Card Processing —Timed Out Error (PDF) — Modified Aug. 25, 2010
Recording direct deposits from credit card transations (PDF) (see page 2)

QuickBooks Merchant Credit Card System

QuickBooks Merchant Credit Card Service (PDF) — Modified April 23, 2013
Message Alerts from QuickBooks Merchant Service (PDF) — Modified Sept. 17, 2010
QuickBooks PCI_Compliance for credit card users (PDF) — Modified May 9, 2012
QuickBooks Virtual Terminal Plus - Login here to entering a credit card transation via the website
QuickBooks Payment Processing website


Recording: Reports Training for Regional Administrative Associates  (2 hours), added 1/7/14


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