QuickBooks for county bookkeepers

County extension offices use QuickBooks Pro for council financial record-keeping and reporting.

Report due dates

Annual Revenue and Expense Summary Report
Due at conclusion of end-of-year accounting review. Report will be generated by the QuickBooks reviewer.

Annual Budget Reports - Late February
Export report in xlsx format to Excel.
Send to QuickBooks Administrator.


Kevin Hansen provides training and technical support to county bookkeepers. There are designated regional trainers who are experienced with bookkeeping and can provide training or answer questions.

Frequently needed resources

Tools for resolving problems

Quickbooks procedures by topic

Table of Contents (printable)

General procedures



Submit the annual budget report to your QuickBooks Administrator's office by Late February as an email attachment in .xlsx format for review and approval.

The approved budgets will be sent on to the RD office in CSV format and uploaded to MU Extension before the university's deadline. The information submitted is compiled into statewide totals for both internal review and federal reporting. FTEs supported at the County level are also reported with the budget each year.


Checklists / End Of Year



Credit cards

MU Off-Campus Credit Card  System

QuickBooks Merchant



Lists and Definition


Payroll plan subscriptions

Payroll plan subscribers

Enhanced payroll subscribers

Payroll taxes and forms

Payroll tax and benefit liabilities

Paycheck corrections

Payroll Voucher

Payroll summary report

Instead of using the Payroll Voucher forms, Bookkeepers can create a Payroll Summary Report for each employee. Under Employee Center, select employee name and click Payroll Summary at top right corner of screen. 


Quick Reports — Look for the Quick Reports button in most screens, or right click on the item name and left click on Quick Report.  Quick Reports may be created for:

  • Customer (Exception:  A customer transaction created directly in the Make Deposit screen may not display in a Quick Report. This "glitch" has been reported to Intuit.)
  • Vendor, Employee, Class, and Account.

The following reports are recommended for validating monthly financial data:

Funds Class Balance Report
Balance Sheet (compare to Funds Class Balance report)
Unclassified Transactions (for error checking)

Report configuration


How to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account; one class to another class; one revenue account to another revenue; one expense account to another expense.

  • Request for Transfer form (PDF) — Modified Dec. 7, 2007
    Signature is required from the county program director.
  • Transfer Funds (PDF) — Modified April 25, 2014 
    Includes procedure regarding closing current checking account and opening new checking account.  (page 5)

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