Tracking postage fund expenses

Postage funds from MU Extension are allocated to each Region based on number of counties and estimated need.  Regional Directors distribute the county's allotment based on county population, assigned staff, and usage.

The postage allotment is offset by the amount of the LAN Internet cost charged to the extension office. 

Explanation of Internet connectivity expenses and mail allotment

In QuickBooks, consider the following:

  • Use Class 2100 to create a subclass under Class 2000 to track income and expenses related to the Postage Fund — Create a New Class (PDF)
  • Create a postage income account — Create a New Account (PDF).
  • Use any of the following expense accounts to track mailing, marketing, and communications costs:

4400-Rent/Lease Equipment
4700-Publishing and Printing
4800-Reproduction/Copy Services

If you need assistance in establishing the Postage fund or creating transactions, please contact one of your CAST (QB) Trainers or the QB Administrator.